City Hall Alternative

Honestly, why should anyone have to, or for that matter ever choose to, be married at a city hall? A city hall wedding is the most impersonal, cold experience a couple could ever have for the most romantic and significant moment in their lives.

There is a much better alternative, and that is to use Kettle Creek Weddings for your special day.

We do not believe that simplicity and cost effectiveness has to mean cold, impersonal, and non-professional. The size of your budget or guest list should not have to impact your decision on where your ceremony takes place. There are more than two options for ceremonies today - you do not have to choose between city hall and the big show.

Let's Compare

City Hall

Kettle Creek Weddings

5 days a week

7 days a week

no evenings

any time

cold and sterile council chambers

warm and inviting

one location option

many location options




trained professionals

no ceremony options

tons of ceremony options



trained as a city clerk

trained as a wedding officiant
interested in your money

interested in you

city hall money grab local business/family income
one fee for no services options available plus personal service

City halls should not be in the wedding business anymore than they should be in any other business. Will they be offering funeral services next, legal, medical? They are hurting many small business in every community where they have set up wedding chapels and chambers. They are taking business away from restaurants, chapels, photographers, florists, and more. Some are already selling some of these services right in the city hall.

To add insult to injury, city clerks are now going out on weekends taking more business away from the local economy. Are these non-professional, non-trained clerks, who by the way receive a full time income from our tax dollars, now pocketing even more money?

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