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How it all started:

Even before Kettle Creek Weddings existed, Wayne and Rosanne Prevett, the founders of Kettle Creek Weddings, and a team of friends and passionate colleagues spent their days serving children and their families in the city of St Thomas Ontario. Although we didn't start out with a passion for Canadian children, because we hadn't seen the need, that quickly changed as we learned how great the need was right in our own back yard. We found all around us hungry children who went without breakfast or lunch most days. We found children who did not have coats or boots to keep them warm through a cold Canadian winter, and who struggled academically because of challenging circumstances. This amazing experience changed our lives and gave birth to PAC4Life. Prepare A Child 4 Life

Our goal is simple-to prepare Canadian children to embrace life and live it successfully and to the fullest by using a holistic approach to their development. To do this we have chosen to focus on four key areas:

1. Academic

2. Social

3. Spiritual

4. Physical

As we served Canadian children in our own home town of St. Thomas Ontario, we realized these precious lives were in need of a wholistic approach to care and love. To simply feed them and send them on their way without meeting other practical physical, social and academic needs was not enough.  We saw a greater need for balanced life development and became passionate to serve them more completely.


It is our conviction that those who have abundance have an amazing opportunity to share with those who have daily needs. Prosperity is not wrong as long as we use it to bless others and see lives empowered to be fulfilled. Celebrating Life receives funds from individual donors as well as organizations like Kettle Creek Weddings who have chosen PAC4Life as their main charity to support.


How does it work:

How you can get involved:

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