Wedding Ceremony Styles

Our experience has shown us that there are several different wedding ceremony styles, and two very distinct wedding ceremony models.

Wedding Ceremony Styles

1. Traditional Ceremony Style

  • Usually includes some religious content

  • More formal

  • 20-30 minutes in length

  • Chairs for all the guests

  • A centre aisle for the processional

  • Processional of bridal party and bride

  • Bride makes an entrance with an escort

  • Musicians playing classical music

  • Professional wedding service providers

  • Formal attire

  • Two distinct events, the wedding ceremony followed by time for photographs for the wedding party and then a formal reception

2. Contemporary Ceremony Style

  • No religious content

  • Less formal

  • 15-20 minutes in length

  • Some professional service providers

  • May or may not be seating for guests

  • May or may not be a processional or bridal party

  • Guests may have had food and beverages prior to the ceremony

  • Music is less formal and more contemporary

  • Attire is often formal but could be casual

3. Short and Simple

  • 10 minutes (or less) in length

  • This style could be for any size of wedding, formal or informal

  • No religious content

  • The couple wants the ceremony to be brief so they and their guests can move to the reception and dance as this is the greater priority

Wedding Ceremony Models

1. One event model  In this model, both the wedding ceremony and reception take place at the same location. The venue may allow the ceremony to be in a separate room or even outdoors, but many times both will be in the same room. The schedule for this model needs to include time for the venue staff to "flip", or re-set room following the ceremony. Guests will not have to travel between ceremony and reception; they can simply park their car once and enjoy the entire celebration.

2. Two event model In this model, the ceremony takes place in one location like a chapel or outdoor venue. The reception takes place at another location like a banquet hall or hotel. The schedule for this model must include travel time between the ceremony and reception location. Maps or printed directions need to be provided to the guests with the wedding invitations.

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