Celebration Styles & Options

We all celebrate in different ways. There are a variety of  tastes, interests, motivations, cultures, budgets, and other life circumstances that determine how we celebrate.


This is especially true of wedding celebrations.  In our experience, we see at least three distinct approaches to getting married.


1. "Just the 2 of us"

2. "Just a few close friends"

3. "Just about everyone we know...and a few we don't"


Two predominant factors that determine the style chosen are: number of guests; and planning/preparation time. At Kettle Creek Weddings we have taken these factors into consideration and, along with acknowledging the uniqueness of each couple and their own styles, have created the following packages. Our initial consultation will involve asking you what kind of celebration you are planning and how you envision your day.


"Just The Two Of Us"

  • 2-15 people.

  • This is the "we just want to get married option".

  • Simplicity is often the motivation for this option. There is very little planning needed - a few phone calls, a marriage license, two witnesses and an officiant will get you married.

  • Planning is simple and the ceremony happens often within 2 weeks of making the decision to get married.

  • Usually no attendants.

  • Cost effective. All that is needed is a bride, a groom, a marriage license, two witnesses, and an officiant.

  • The choice of attire can be simple, casual, and very cost effective.

  • There are many great venue options including, but not limited to, your own home, a restaurant, back yard, the park, etc.

  • We often have couples come to our regional offices as this is the easiest and most cost effective option. After the ceremony everyone is off to a restaurant for dinner.

"Just A Few Close Friends"

"Just About Everyone We Know...And A Few We Don't"

See our ceremony styles page for more information on the various styles of wedding ceremonies.

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